Our Experts’ Qualifications

We do medical malpractice consulting nationwide, and will work closely with you to select the best experts for your case. Almost all of our experts are actively practicing, are board certified and hold university appointments at well known medical schools. Many are department chairs and/or authors of textbooks.

We have experts in every sub specialization of medicine and surgery. Most importantly, you are the one who will determine if the experts qualifications meet your needs before you engage the expert. You receive the experts curriculum vitae and you are given an opportunity to talk to the doctor about his credentials before he reviews your case.

Whether you simply need a free discussion with our director about your case or a full report and testimony from a nationally prominent physician at a nearby university, we can help.

We also have the ability to tailor our service to the particular needs of your firm:

  • We can provide free case discussions between you and our director.
  • We can provide a low cost screening program for the firm that receives a large volume of inquiries from clients but is having difficulty determining which cases should be pursued.
  • We can provide a detailed review and report on your case from well respected professors of medicine and surgery who will provide an honest opinion on your case and who agree to stand up and testify to their opinion.
  • We can provide actively practicing, board certified, physicians and surgeons that have university appointments and are well published.
  • We also have nurses, dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists, hospital administrators and nursing home administrators.
  • We can help you locate other attorneys through our network that would be willing to associate with your case.
  • If you have a very difficult or complex catastrophic case, our director, who is a dual degree doctor and attorney, can provide a very extensive case management for your case. At your request, on a case by case basis, our director may agree to associate, pro hac vici, with your case and assist with the development of theories of liability, and strategy. Our director can take depositions of the defendants and the defendants’ experts, and can sit second chair at your trial on a contingent fee arrangement.
  • We can negotiate a discounted fee schedule for the firm that can guarantee a specified quantity of business.